MES Manufacturing Execution Systems

OEE & Downtime

Increase management agility for manufacturing plant leaders through real-time visualization of equipment and line efficiency and productivity with an MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) system.

Effectively analyze the leading causes of downtime, captured automatically through effective integration with your existing system.

Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Reduce or eliminate errors and delays in the sample collection process for product quality assurance by automating data collection directly from controllers, easy scheduling of manual samples with clear orders and specifications, and visual aids.

Visualizing and evaluating the trends of quality variables, alarms, and notification systems via SMS or email in a hierarchical way (escalation) will provide a more agile and effective response to anomalies in your process. Statistical Process Control SPC

Track & Trace

Perform the traceability of your production with Adicom Automation MES Manufacturing Execution Systems, so you know immediately where you are and where you were, as well as the strategic combination of variables of the ecosystem of the SCADA system, SPC, and ERP, among others. This way, you can generate a complete analysis perspective converting data into information.