Using guidelines, tools and good design practices established in PlantPAx’s modern Distributed Control Systems (DCS) philosophy, in Adicom Automation we can make your process robust, reliable and scalable, as well as simple in resolving mistakes, accessible for obtaining statistical data and practical for the implementation of methodologies for anticipated maintenance of essential components.

Design of control and operation solutions under standards:

ISA-88 Batch Processes.

ISA-101 Visual Ergonomics and HMI Optimization.

ISA-18 Normalization and Management of Alarms.

ADICOM + PlantPAx is equivalent to:

  • Sturdiness
  • Scalability
  • Minor MTTR
  • Major MTBF

Development of control systems in continuos processes with standardized libraries for PAC and HMI.

Real-time information is available across the enterprise for better decisions.

Design and deployment of batch process control systems under the ISA-88 standard.

Advanced engineering design of hardware devices IO-LINK and industrial communication protocols.

Get production intelligence and visibility into your enterprise-grade systems.

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)


Efficient, consistent, and predictable batch control for more complex operations. Reducing execution time, increasing process flexibility, facing more complex demands while maximizing resource utilization are some of the challenges that Adicom Automation can help you slove by implementing batch process solutions following the recommended industry standards ISA-88, and using FactoryTalk Batch technology from Rockwell Automation.

Modernize your processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs with the support of Adicom Automation.


Chemical reactors


Syrup preparation room


Water treatment plant


CIP (Clean in place)