Differences between Rockwell Automation partnership levels

December 29, 2023 by
Pedro Silva dasdadsad

In the business world, partnerships and strategic alliances play a crucial role in the success of organizations. Many companies choose to partner with technology and service providers to deliver greater value to their customers and strengthen their operations. Partnerships are classified into different levels, such as Gold, Platinum, Recognized, and Silver, each with its own characteristics and benefits. In this blog, we will analyze the key differences between these partnership levels and how they can impact the involved companies.

Gold partnership

  • Stricter requirements: To achieve Gold partnership status, a company generally needs to meet more rigorous requirements in terms of sales, certifications, and expertise in the product or service it offers.
  • Preferred access to resources: Gold partners often have preferred access to resources and technical support from the provider, enabling them to deliver a more comprehensive and high-quality service to their customers.
  • Greater visibility: Being at a higher level, Gold partners often gain greater visibility in the provider's ecosystem and can leverage the provider's brand and reputation to strengthen their own image.

Platinum partnership

  • Higher level of commitment: Platinum partners have an even higher commitment to the provider, often translating into a higher volume of sales and joint projects.
  • More exclusive benefits: Platinum partners often enjoy exclusive benefits, such as early access to new solutions and a higher level of technical support and training.
  • Strategic collaboration: The relationship between a provider and a Platinum partner is usually more strategic, focusing on joint innovation and market expansion.

Recognized partnership

  • Intermediate level: Recognized is usually an intermediate level between Silver and Gold or Platinum, with requirements and benefits reflecting this position.
  • Access to essential resources: Although not as advanced as Gold or Platinum, Recognized still provides access to resources and support that can be valuable for partners.
  • Growth opportunity: Many companies use the Recognized level as a stepping stone to advance to higher partnership levels as they grow and develop.

Silver partnership

  • Entry-level: Silver is often the entry-level for partners who are starting to work with a specific provider.
  • Less stringent requirements: The requirements to become a Silver partner are generally less rigorous compared to higher levels.
  • Basic resources: Silver partners still gain benefits such as access to training resources and technical support but to a more limited extent.

The choice of a partnership level depends on the goals, experience, and resources of the company, as well as its relationship with the provider. Each level offers unique opportunities for growth and collaboration, allowing companies to make the most of their strategic partnerships.

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