The role of a safety partner from Rockwell Automation

December 29, 2023 by
Pedro Silva dasdadsad

Industrial safety is a fundamental concern in any production or manufacturing environment. Ensuring the protection of workers and the integrity of operations is essential. In this context, Safety Partners from Rockwell Automation play a crucial role. In this blog, we will explore who Rockwell Automation's Safety Partners are and why they are so important in the world of industrial automation and occupational safety.

What is a safety partner?

A safety partner from Rockwell Automation is a company or entity certified and recognized by Rockwell Automation for its expertise and ability to provide high-quality industrial safety solutions. These companies have a deep understanding of Rockwell Automation's products, technologies, and safety standards and can offer specialized services in implementing safety solutions in various industrial environments.

Benefits of working with a safety partner

  • Improved safety: Safety Partners have the knowledge and experience to design and implement highly effective safety systems, reducing workplace accident risks.
  • Regulatory compliance: They help companies comply with industrial safety regulations and applicable standards.
  • Operational risk reduction: Implementing appropriate safety systems helps reduce unplanned downtime and costs associated with workplace accidents.
  • Maintenance of productivity: By ensuring the safety of workers and machinery, companies can maintain productivity and efficiency in their operations.
  • Specialized knowledge: Safety Partners have access to Rockwell Automation's expertise and specialized knowledge, ensuring that safety solutions are up-to-date and aligned with the latest technologies and best practices.

Key responsibilities

  1. Specialized advice: Safety Partners can advise companies on industrial safety best practices, helping them identify risks and design customized solutions to address them.
  2. System Design and Engineering: These companies can design and develop safety control systems that meet the most rigorous standards. This includes selecting appropriate components, configuring detection systems, and programming safety controllers.
  3. Installation and Commissioning: Safety Partners can handle the installation of safety systems and ensure they operate effectively. This includes rigorous testing and verification of system functionality.
  4. Training and Education: They offer training and education to employees and maintenance teams to ensure proper handling of safety systems. This is crucial for maintaining a safe working environment.
  5. Continuous Maintenance and Support: They provide preventive and corrective maintenance services to ensure that safety systems continue to operate optimally over time.

Their expertise and ability to design, implement, and maintain safety solutions make them valuable partners for companies seeking to meet the highest safety standards in their operations. Collaborating with a Safety Partner from Rockwell Automation is an investment in the safety and long-term success of an organization.

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