What does it mean to be a gold partner of rockwell automation?

December 29, 2023 by
Pedro Silva dasdadsad

In the world of industrial automation, being certified as a Gold Partner of Rockwell Automation is a seal of excellence and commitment to the highest quality in solutions and services. This designation is granted to companies that have demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise, knowledge, and dedication in the implementation of Rockwell Automation technologies. But what does it truly entail to be a Gold Partner, and why is it important for clients? In this blog, we unravel the meaning and benefits of this prestigious certification.

1. Expert in Rockwell Automation technologies

Being a Gold Partner means having a deep understanding and experience in Rockwell Automation technologies and solutions. These companies have showcased a high level of competence in implementing products such as programmable controllers, process control systems, automation software, and more.

2. Rigorous compliance with quality standards

The Rockwell Automation Gold Partner certification is an indicator of a continuous commitment to excellence and quality in all aspects of automation solutions. This includes everything from component selection to engineering and commissioning.

3. Access to the latest technologies and resources

As a Gold Partner, you have priority access to Rockwell Automation's latest technological innovations. This means staying at the forefront of industrial automation solutions and trends, translating into offering clients the best and most advanced options available.

4. First-Class technical support

Gold Partners have a highly trained team of engineers and technicians that provide exceptional technical support. This ensures that clients receive high-quality attention and assistance at all stages of an automation project.

5. Customization and tailored solutions

Being a Gold Partner enables the capability to offer highly customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of each client. This includes everything from design and engineering to implementation and post-sales support.

6. Guarantee of reliability and performance

The Gold Partner certification is a guarantee that implemented automation solutions meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. Clients can trust that they are obtaining systems of the utmost quality.

In summary, being a Gold Partner of Rockwell Automation is a recognition of excellence in implementing industrial automation solutions. It involves a continuous commitment to quality, access to the latest technologies and resources, as well as first-class technical support. For clients, working with a Gold Partner is an assurance of obtaining reliable and high-performance solutions for their automation needs.

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